Parallel computing   Electromagnetics    High-performance computing   Multi-physics    Heterogeneous computing   Deep learning   Neural nets   Machine learning    Artificial intelligence     TensorFlow   Large-scale CSE problems   Fast solvers    Scattering and RCS   Integral equations    Antennas   Iterative solvers and preconditioning    Microwaves    Frequency-domain methods   Metamaterials    Time-domain methods   Optics    Direct solvers   Imaging    Recursive solvers   Remote sensing    Optimization methods    Inverse problems    Differential equations    Biomedical applications    FDTD methods    Wireless and propagation    FEM methods    EMC/EMI    High-frequency methods    Chips, packages, and interconnects    Hybrid methods    Terahertz    Numerical linear algebra    Petascale supercomputing    Towards exascale computing    Novel hardware platforms    

CEMi’18 Local Organization Committee has prepared the following list of accommodations in order to assist the participants.